About School


Prepare our children to be leaders, capable of facing the challenges of the future morally, scientifically and technologically.

The Message

To be an integrated educational and educational system capable of providing its students with science, religion and knowledge, and arming them with all skills through inspiring leadership, a distinctive environment, and diversified programs in harmony with the times.


Knowledge & Growth School believes that all children have a right to have a healthy and safe education, and to express their views and ideas freely so that they can be developed intellectually and socially.

Societies are very open to each other, as people mix and interact more and more each day.

This reality requires training children to understand the differences in others, respect their ideas, and adopt the principle of equality as a basis for justice.

Critical thinking is the basis of knowledge and creativity.

We use it to analyze our problems, confront them, imagine different solutions, and adopt the most appropriate ones.

It is the basis of modern education, as there is no place for indoctrination.

The educational process, a dynamic process between two partners the teacher and the student, which are two independent entities, each with a value in himself, and on this basis the human relationship between them is determined by being a horizontal relationship.

A relationship based on mutual respect, love and dialogue.

The school promotes all its students with different 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving, creativity and innovation, with a focus on using technology as a basic skill for communication.

The President's Speech

Knowledge & Growth School established in 1437 AH 2016 AD in an educational building designed with the latest engineering specifications, and equipped with the latest in modern technology in education.

Schools have started their educational services for Nursery and kindergarten with the introduction of a ministerial self-learning program supported by additional curricula in Arabic and English, and health ,and fitness.

The administration seeks to provide a rich learning environment for children in a psychologically and physically safe environment.

Schools opened in 1438 AH, 2017 AD the elementary grades of the elementary stage for boys and girls in a separate section for the kindergarten stage and meant providing various educational facilities such as the studio, the Learning Resource Center, the science lab, the computer lab, the chapel, the gym, the theater and educational cinema hall.

Schools are interested in choosing the best educational competencies from the first female university graduates to include them in their educational staff, and they develop training plans to ensure continuous improvement of their performance, and are concerned with achieving the highest standards of school performance quality with the participation of the work team, parents and a selected elite from the external community.

We work hard to achieve the vision of schools and we care about your support.