Registration Requirements In Schools

What makes Knowledge & Growth School special ?

- Develop Future leaders to be able to face challenges scientifically, technological.

- We proudly offer a unique educational experience with the highest standard. our center is equipped with top of the line sport and entertainment facilities that run by our highly educated professional staffs.

- You can visit the school to learn about us.

What are the school opening & closing time?

- kindergarten start from 7:00 am until 12:30 pm .

- Elementry start from 7:00 am until 1:30 pm.

Do you have over-time?

we are always seeking to support parents working in the private sector , and we are happy to welcome our students until 3:30 pm with additional fees.

What is offered to the over-time students?

We are always seeking to increase the knowledge of our students in all aspects . We offer them help to their homework , entertaining activities that include playing in the area, art works that our students enjoy in kindergarten.

What is the uniform that required for school?

There is a special uniform for school & it is not include the fees.

?What is the nature of the enrichment subjects

we have range of enrichment materials that build the student personality.

Do you offer transportation & are fees included?

yes, we have buses equipped for students , which are separate from school fees , and each site has its own fees.

How to register a student from an international school ?

The certificate must be legalized by the education office.

Is there a discount for the brothers ?

Please refer to the fiscal policy.

Do you have a unit to receive complaints & suggestions from parents?

Yes, we have a box for suggestions, complaints & you can contact us.

How many students per class ?

In average 18 students may reach 20 students.

How to equip classes?

Each class has a smart board , a projector , an achievement board , a book library , and a special locker is provided for each student to save his tools.

Do you have medical clinic ?

currently we have a room for emergency first aid, & there is a pharmacy with urgent medicines available.

Do you have a section for learning difficulties?

we have no learning difficulties section and the subject is under study.

Do you have educational trips ?

yes, we have educational & leisure trips.

Is there a summer club?

yes there is a summer club with educational & recreational programs prepared with great care by educators and specialists in children's affairs.

What is the nature of the food that offered by the school cafeteria?

there are varied meals that are healthy & clean & have a price list.

Do you have a community partnership with parents?


What are the school grades?

Nursery, Pre- kindergarten , kindergarten, Elementary school from the first to the fifth grade.

Is there a school bus supervision ?

Yes,there is a supervisor as well as a training program to use the bus in a proper manner.

Do you have any means of safety & security?

Yes , through unique equipment , multiple emergency doors & a fire extinguishers in each floor.

Do you have any evacuation training plan ?

Yes , we have integrated systematic plan that is carried out periodically and in record time and is announced to parents.

Is the school dual language?

Yes , it's subjects are taught in two languages Arabic & English.

Are the classes of boys & girls mixed?

only in the kindergarten section , but they are separate in the Elementary section.

Do you have other branches?

NO, we don't have other branches.

Child exit policy?

Parents fill out a form during registration the authorized people to pickup their kids , also there is an exit card for the parents & other for the child.